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Our lives are full of habits - things we do for fun or to get through the day without having to think too terribly much about it.

Each of the little choices we make can have impacts that we may not immediately see, but that if we were more aware of could dramatically change the choices that we make...

We might love the movies for example, but when we consider how much money and extraordinary effort went into each cinematic experience - from the production itself to the popcorn on our lap - what's the real cost of that middle row seat?

To contact TODAY please email contact@the-today-app.com and let us know your challenges, feedback & suggestions, to get access to our sustainable products and support, or to register your sustainable business with us.

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We thrive on activity and fun, but not all exercise is particularly eco-friendly. Think about the equipment, technology, apparel and paraphernalia you need to get your fix - or the transport you need to get there...



How do you interact with your world?

Every one of us has a different experience with and impact on the world around us.

Think about yours...



Many of the most impactful things to our environment are done in the name of a good time.

What do you love to do?

What possible positive or negative impacts might that be having?