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There are perhaps few better ways to shape the future than to vote for it with the things that you pay for...

There is a story to our stuff, and as much as we may love the instant gratification from a beautiful new possession, do we truly understand it's story of sustainability or fair trade or value...?

Where does it comes from? Who made it? What's it made out of? How did those resources come to be...?

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There's a high price for being the 'best dressed person in the room'. And unfortunately the biggest and least considered one is the the natural world

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There are lot's of things that make our lives easier. Whether they keep our feet warm or simply make us happy.

Just remember, there's only so much energy you can have from something that's not a living thing...

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How many things do you have that serve the same purpose as 10 other things in your home?

How many pairs of jeans do you have?

We acquire so many things without considering the real need we have for them.