Will technology save the world, or will we be so busy expecting it to solve all our problems that we fail to see the problems that it's causing...?

Technology is very much a two-sided coin, and it's time to look at some of the ways that it's creating more problems than it's solving.

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by your side

Our attachment to technology is never more evident than our mobile phones, which almost NEVER leave our side. They are the first thing we touch in the morning and the last at night, and they hold our attention around 150 times or more Per Day!


all the toys

How many gadgets are sitting in your drawer at home? How long did they last for?

The fact that we can receive the same text message on our watch, phone, computer, tablet and fridge does not necessarily mean it's necessary.


ever better

Which is the best camera to have? Which is the best drone to have? Which is the best phone, computer, watch, and so on and so on...

The thirst to stay ahead of the curve and forever have the latest is completely unsustainable.