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Every waking hour is a chance to be more productive. But then again, where do we draw the line at productivity versus true value, true feedback and true impact...?

Earning money may not be the true measure of outcomes when it comes to a more sustainable future, but how can we make those sorts of choices more consciously and conduct ourselves at our chosen career more responsibly too?

To contact TODAY please email contact@the-today-app.com and let us know your challenges, feedback & suggestions, to get access to our sustainable products and support, or to register your sustainable business with us.

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What does it take to power up your day?

Coffee, Croissant, Smoothie, Granola... and that's before you even got into the office!

What about the power for the aircon, lights, computers, lifts, and on and on...



The systems and processes at your office are important, because they dictate whether your workplace has a high ecological footprint or a more sustainable one...

Do you have a waste and recycling separation at your office? Do you compost food waste...?



Time stops for no man, and neither do the demands of the modern world. In spite of the efficiencies of modern technology, we find ever more intricate ways to make ourselves busy, busy and ever busier...

Where do you work? How do you work? Is it