We are creating TODAY to inspire you every day.

It's easy to forget, but our everyday choices and habits are important in shaping the world. Collectively, when you add them all up together, the people live their lives has a serious impact socially and on the environment. 

TODAY is creating a way to help us do the things we know we need to do for a brighter future. 

Because what we do Today, determines what’s in store for us for tomorrow. 

OUR MISSION is to help give people daily inspiration that changes each of our lives and our world for good.

How the today app workS

  • We're creating the best alarm to wake you up in the morning
  • We're giving you a cool new insight & challenge to try each day
  • We're helping you connect with the impact we can have collectively
  • We're giving you a way to share what you do and challenge friends to do same

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