Can police use drones for surveillance?

Posted on Nov 13, 2019 in Сhallenges

Can police use drones for surveillance?

When it comes to continuous monitoring of an event, it is extremely expensive to have a manpower which is required.

Police use drones for surveillance clearly represents a step in the right direction. There are now various kinds of drone monitoring services available where service providers offer continuous monitoring of whatever you pay them for.

Monitoring events where a lot of people have gathered through micro-drones can significantly cut costs and also improve the service.

Some might claim that the small aircraft and helicopters can be used to track activities, and cameras can also serve the same purpose.

Aircraft and helicopters, though, make a lot of noise; they are not quiet, and they’re a huge distraction. Furthermore, cameras can’t be positioned everywhere and at difficult angles can’t provide you with the shots required.

Because drones fly without making noise, and can provide shots from angles that cannot be provided by normal security cameras, it makes drones a very viable option.

Drones will help with surveillance in a number of areas like health, monitoring of illegal activities, natural disasters, concerts and big events, and more.



Task forces at national security and intelligence will make great use of drone surveillance services. We will give live feedback at the frontiers and help detect any real-time infiltration.

In addition, they will help in looter operations, coastal protection, human trafficking tracking and surveillance, anti-terror operations etc.

The US has been actively using drones for national security matters and in many cases has used drones for widespread media coverage not only for recording and monitoring but also for carrying and firing weapons.

Illegal behavior

Most illegal activities allow the offenders to use a certain place and surveillance with micro-drones of these places will thwart any such attempt. In this way, drones used by police for surveillance will help catch illegal mining, illegally completed excavations and smuggling.

Natural Catastrophes

Natural disasters bring no warnings but there are places reported to be experiencing them during some months of the year.

Using the drones can help monitor the sky for any sign of these disasters, and can help to warn people in advance.

Monitoring of earthquakes and tsunamis will help to prevent too much damage as well as assess the damage done later.

Big events and concerts

Using the drones to track big events like concerts as well as international summits can be very helpful in providing top-class protection.

A nation’s reputation is at stake when officials from different countries arrive for some international meeting and supplying them with protection is the state’s responsibility that can be done very well if aerial surveillance is employed for the job.