Is a black or white projector screen better?

Is a black or white projector screen better?

Posted on Jan 6, 2020 in Home Audio, Projection Screens

Is a black or white projector screen better?

Many assume that the best color screen for projectors is white screen, however what if we tend to told you that a black surface is that the greatest. That is correct, we tend to aforesaid that a Black surface is that the best one.

Projector Screen buy guide

You need a good screen for the image to show on to enjoy the full benefits of a projector. Many different screen setups are possible, from walls painted with specially made paint for projector to just having a smooth painted wall in a light color.

For those who don’t want to spend too much on a projector screen this may be a handy option. But a painted wall isn’t as good as a dedicated black or white projector screen built with special material to give the projector picture of the highest quality.

White or Black Projector computer

For projector screens, the latest trend is to have black screens, yeah, that’s right, a complete black screen for best projector videos.

How a black screen works is that in the perpendicular direction it does not reflect any of the ambient light but only the light dropping from the projector on the wall.

It ensures that in a well-lit room you can use a projector, and no need to darken the space. The videos below should convince you that we are not making up this.

The white screen is a motorized screen, and is drawn up slowly, while the projector’s image is continually projected.

black or white projector screenSo as the white motorized screen is slowly being drawn up you will see part of the image falling down on the black screen below.

It helps you to compare the way a projector picture appears simultaneously on a black screen and on a white screen.

You must also have a projector space with dark walls, ceiling and floor, plus the furniture and fittings in the room should not have bright metal parts that can reflect light.

If you can’t have such a setup that you can’t fully monitor the ambient light, then a grey screen works best in that case. A white screen is better in a room with fully controlled ambient light, and a projector with a high contrast ratio.

The picture of the projector on a wall can be as nice as on the black projector screen vs white of a god-projector.

The wall area that you want to turn into a black projector screen vs white can be made smoother and painted over with different screen paints to make it a really good screen for projectors. Special paints are made especially for making a wall into a projector screen.