Are bone conduction headphones safer than earbuds?

Are bone conduction headphones safer than earbuds?

Posted on Oct 28, 2019 in Wireless

Are bone conduction headphones safer than earbuds?

Bone conduction uses natural bone vibrations— like cheek, jaw, and skull bones — to hear sound. Over the years, the technology of bone conduction has advanced hearing aid technology but it also has other uses.

How does it work?

Bone conduction works when sound bypasses the eardrums, allowing devices like headphones, implants or hearing aids, to perform the function of your eardrums.

For example, bone conduction headphones translate sound waves and transform them into vibrations which the Cochlea can experience directly, bypassing the eardrum.

That sound reaches through the bones to the ears as vibrations. So are bone conduction headphones safer than earbuds.Bone conduction works

Headphones to Bone Conduction

Bone conduction is a technology that has also become popular when it comes to using headphones, enabling those wearing head phones to hear the ambient noises. The headset for the Bone conduction does not cover the ear, but rather sits near the ear.

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