Can 2 routers connect wirelessly?

Posted on Oct 22, 2019 in Wireless

Can 2 routers connect wirelessly?

You might come up with situations where you might want to add another router. A second router assists with updating a wired network to support wireless devices.

You’ll be able to extend the range of your home network by adding another router. It can hit wired computers that are located far away from the router. Continue to read, to learn more about how 2 routers connect wirelessly.

When determining where to position the second router, make sure you place it near your Windows PC or the device you originally want to be connected to. You can however switch the router later to its permanent location.

Log in to the second router

How to wirelessly connect two routers? For connect the second router without wireless connectivity, make sure you link it to an existing router, linked to an Ethernet cable.

Put one cable end into the port of the new router (often labelling the port as Internet or WAN). Plug the other end of the cable into any free port on your first router which leaves the port uplink.

2 routers connect wirelessly

You can easily connect two routers wirelessly. To use all functions put the second router in other mode.

You also need to ensure, that your router setup in this mode. Before buying your second router, thorough research is needed to ensure it supports client mode, and if so, how to configure it.

For Wireless Home Routers, set up the Wi-Fi service

If both your new one and old one is wireless, their Wi-Fi signals can hinder with each other, leading to a drop in link and a slowdown in network.

Each Wi-Fi router comes with a specific range of Wi-Fi frequencies known as channels. Signal interference usually occurs when both routers overlap, or one channel only.

Depending on your configuration, wireless routers use various channels by default but can change those settings.

To prevent signal interfering between routers, the first router use channel 11 must be configured, and the must use channel 6 or 1.

Setup the second router without the assistance of any subnetwork

To connect two wireless routers on a home network, it must be linked to an Ethernet cable and then connected to the current router.

Next you need to configure either repeater or bridge mode for the new wireless router. Finally, you must configure both the new as well as the old router’s IP address.